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HMI Beijer Hàng Hải X2 marine SC 7-15 Inch, Mầu, Ethernet, USB, COM, SD, SDHC, ciX Port, SoftControl

Man hinh cam ung HMI Beijer X2 Marine 7-15 Inch

X2 marine 7 SC, 15 SC 7”, 15″ HMI with iX software TFT-LCD touch screen 1.5 GB application memory Ethernet 2×100 Mbit CODESYS control integrated CE, FCC, KCC, UL approvals DNV, KR, GL, LR, ABS, CCS marine approvals   X2 marine 7 SC X2 marine 15 SC General description     Part number 630008605 640009005 Part status Active Active Certifications ... Read More »

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